Maison 197 Concept

Our goal is to rebuild a more efficient and effective house to achieve the highest LEED standard possible. Maison 197 have used only the best technologies to make the most of the renovating process. It took us quite some time to get advice from professionals, but everything is worth it. The people’s guides and assistance made us do our best to complete this fine idea. With your contribution, interest, and support, this project has been made attainable. Since the beginning of this project, our goal was set to build a Green Building in order to achieve the highest LEED Standard possible. We have done a lot of research on this topic. This is the best gift for nature and also for the future of our coming generations.

Member of the LEED /
Canada Green Building Council

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Our Goal


It took us long time to get advice from different professionals on what is the best ways to demolish the interior walls and maintain the existing stone walls of the house, while not disturbing the outer areas.

In the process, we respect the green idea of minimizing adverse impacts on the environment. We have hired a company who has a certificate for Green waste disposal, which is very important.

Energy Saving

Geothermal energy was one of the first things we considered when we started this project. By using geothermal heat pump technology, plus radiation flooring system, the natural heat from underground should help us gain up to 40% energy savings.

Eco friendly Materials

We have optimized the use of engineered materials, by using Cold Formed Steel for our entire house structure, from wall panels, floor joint, beams and trusses, which will save a lot of trees and provide a fire-resistant, water-safe, damp and moldy free environment.

In the basement, the walls and floor are made of ICF and concret, which is water-safe as we are near the river. The outer wall panels we are using is the R-4 HP exterior insul-sheathing boards from BP Canada, their acoustic panels are made entirely of natural wood fibers. These products increase thermal resistance value, contain high water vapor permeance and allow the wall cavities to stay dry while offering soundproofing qualities.

For the indoor wall insulation, we have used a R28 natural insulated materials made out of stone, which does not absorb water or hold moisture. A study showed that there were no increases in risk of onset of cancer for users or workers for the production of rock wool.


Since we have removed a lot of wood from the house, we decided to recycle the old wood for our new flooring.

For detail information on the materials we used, please go to the Materials section.