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Objects found from the house

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Starting the long journey


Installed geothermal, radiation floor and build a basement


Building the house structure with steel


Sealing and insulating the whole house


Finished the roof and installed all windows


This is a big stage, we can finally start the interior partition and renovation. Thanks to our sponsers, we have insulated the whole house with Roxul and BP fibre boards to keep the house warm. PB has taught us a double-wall system for sound proofing. The copper pipe is a waste water heat recovery system, it will heat up the incoming water by the heat of the inhouse waste water, so as to save energy, there is also a pipe behind to collect rain water into our rainwater tank, so that we can recycle the waste water for flushing toilet.



Status of the house

After the long winter in April 2017, we have finished installing our windows and partio door on the mezzanine and started the interior renovation. Now that all the windows are all installed, the balcony is in progress, the shape of the house is more obvious now.




Emergency state

On May 7, 2017, City of Montreal declared a state of emergency from flooding. The police came to our area and told us to comply with the evacuation orders, nobody can stay in their houses until further notice.Like all our neighbours in the area, our backyard was completely submerged with the river.