Maison 197 History
1800s Text Image
According to official documents and the newspaper we found in the wall insulation, this house was built around the mid 1800s.
Year 1800 18th Century Old Image
1800 Photography
18th Century House Photo
The house is located next to a river, facing a small island.
It started as a small chalet made out of wood. It was about one quarter of its existing size today.
As time passed, the house was extended many times, before finally turning into a decent sized home.

1900s Text Image
During the 19th Century, the house went through many changes to both the interior and the exterior. Many extensions and renovations took place . This period was a big turning point.
Maison 197 Family Year 1800
Maison 197 House Year 1800
Maison 197 Year 1800
There were about six generations of one family moving in and out of this house, and there were many renovations over the years.
As you can see here, the old entrance of the house was extended again in mid 1900s.
Around 1970s, the house was finally covered by beautiful stones gathered from the river side.

2000s Text Image
In the 20th Century, the family members grew and moved to their own houses, they decided to sell this house. We were lucky enough to visit it early, it was love at first sight, we took the chance even though we knew it would be a big job to do the renovation.
Maison 197 House Year 2000 Winter Season
Maison 197 Year 2000 White Ceiliing
Maison 197 Year 2000 Photo
We first visited this house in the deep of winter, Februry 2010.
At that time, the ceiling in the sitting room was only 7 feet high from the ground and was not very comfortable.
The kitchen was totally out of date.

Maison 197 Year 2000 Attic Room
Maison 197 Year 2000 Attic Stock Room
Maison 197 Outside View
On the second floor, only one room was finished, the walls were very old.
The rest of the second floor was barely finished. When you walked, you would have the fear that you would fall down to the ground floor in any minute.
However, as summer approaches, this house becomes more lively, the green and the stone wall are very attractive.